Privacy Policy


Privacy is more than a legal requirement. It´s an ethical obligation, too. In order to protect
your personal information and your right to privacy, we will not collect, use or disclose your
personal information for any purpose other than Insurance related products and Services.
We will only keep your information for as long as we need it to fulfill the stated purpose or
as required by law. We will also safeguard your information to the best of our ability. We
may obtain your expressed consent or we may determine the consent has been implied
by the circumstances for which you gave us your personal information.

Working Enterprises uses data encryption and firewalls to maintain the security of the
information we receive for payments through the website and Credit Card information is
not kept on internet accessible servers. Nevertheless, security and privacy risks cannot
be eliminated. In order to protect you own security, you must access and use the Website
using commercially available browser software (such as a current version of FireFox™
or Internet Explorer™ that provides 128-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
technology, and avoid using your browser software´s “save password” feature. Once you
have initiated a session in connection with the Website, you must not leave the computer
from which you have accessed the Website unless and until you have terminated the
session and logged off the Website. When you complete a session, you are responsible
for clearing your browser´s cache or temporary internet files to ensure your personal
information is note accessible to other.


You may ask us not to contact you by telephone, mail or email for marketing purposes.
You may also limit the information that is shared within the Working Enterprises for
marketing purposes.

If you have any concerns about your privacy, please contact Dave Porteous (Privacy
Officer) at WE Consulting & Benefits Services Ltd. by email, mail or by phone.

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