Why Trusts

Control of Benefits stated are now in the hands of the Trust & Trustees, they become the Plan Sponsors. Purpose of the Trust is stated – for the delivery of benefits whatever they may be.

There are different kinds of Trusts, you can have a Singular Trust, Multi-Employer, Multi-Union Trust, or Joint Trust. Example: Under a Joint Trust the Employer and Labour Union would each decide who becomes the Trustees.

The Trust can be self-insured, fully-insured, or partly-insured.

Reasons to consider for setting up a Trust

Big Employment Groups have better cost containment and plan design control. Eligibility, Limitations, funding, dispute resolution systems and more can be decided by Trustees.

If a Joint Trust where a union is involved, it's easier to encode into a Collective Agreement. Funding requirements are determined, when necessary, by the Trustees.

Trusts Can Be

  • Pensions
  • Health & Welfare including EHB, Dental & Vision
  • STD, Life, AD&D, and Others
  • Long Term Disability
  • Combination of the above (the full meal deal)

offers a full range of Trust services for Benefits and Pensions including Design, Start Ups, Consulting, Actuarial Services, Administration Services, Pooled Benefit Plans, and Plan Comparison Reports.

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